Request An Address

  • The Owner/Requestor is responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations
  • The property cannot be accurately addressed unless the driveway is indicated either on the plan/plat or coordinates provided. If the driveway specification is later found to be inaccurate; the property may require an address change
  • Your request MUST include a copy of the site plan/plat
  • The plat/plan must include
    1. Driveway/entrance location (marked and labeled “Driveway”)
    2. Map and parcel number w/lot number (if applicable)
  • The structure will be addressed using the driveway location and corresponding street. If there are/will be multiple structures on the property, the site of the structure to be addressed will need to be specified with either GPS coordinates or provision on the site plat/plan showing the entire parcel

If you’d like to print out the Address Request form to fill out and submit to, you can download it here.


Address Request

Owner's Contact Information (who owns the property or structure?)
Street Address
Street Address

Information Needed For Addressing
Will the site share a driveway with another building?
Driveway Location
Supply the nearest address as if standing at the road facing towards the property

Maximum file size: 268.44MB