Sumner County 911 Emergency Communications District

To apply for an address, please click the link below and complete the form. Lots that have been recently subdivided will need a plat displaying the most recent property lines. You may also contact our office for assistance with initiating the process. Please see our Addressing Guide for additional information.


Please complete the Street Approval Request and provide a preliminary plat. Upon review by our office, you will be notified if the street names are approved, denied, or can be approved with modification. If requesting multiple streets to be named, please number the streets on the plat and write the corresponding number to the requested name on the street approval request form. Please see our Addressing Guide for additional information.


The Emergency Communications District manages geographic information system (GIS) maps and data and supplies that information to the Emergency Communications Center. That information is then used to help emergency services personnel respond in the quickest, most efficient manner when you need them.

The source of our strength rests in our people who define and shape the organization through their individual and unique contributions developed in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.